The story speaks about India’s caste system and its ripple effect on society. The plot point is conveyed in the backdrop of a river and narrated from a young girl’s perspective who becomes a deity through an act of oppression. A young girl from an oppressed community becomes a deity through an act of oppression. The film is set in the backdrop of a river that symbolizes the oppressor and the oppressed. The river is a way out for the lead character a Dalit, Yosana, a liberation from the blind realities of caste. India is a land of Subaltern deities. Each deity has a unique legend, often interwoven with socio-historic tropes of India. Puthirai vannaar is an ‘unseeable’ Dalit caste group in southern India. Their forced occupation is to wash the clothes of other Dalits, the dead and menstruating women. This film is a tale about a young girl who grew up in Puthirai vannaar caste group and how she came to be immortalized as their local deity, Maadathy.


World premiere at Busan International Film Festival,
20+ Official selections around the world
6+ International awards including Best Picture Award at AIFF,
Maadathy is Touring North America Since October 2021 including
prestigious universities like Yale, Columbia, Brandeis, etc.,
Streaming on Nee Stream, Mubi India and Amazon prime.